Why we should demand a better education system for our young ones

Arming a child with knowledge early in his or her life will position him or her for continued success. Not only does a great educational foundation provide the skills for a child to reach his or her greatest potential, but it also cultivates a better future society. Our children first learn the most from their parents, and we need to lead by example to help the next generation. Parents know how significant their job is, but they can only do so much. When deciding on a school for their children to attend, parents must devote serious attention to the quality of teachers and administrators at the institutions they consider for their children. Parents have a right to demand that schools create environments where students can thrive academically. Students will not, unfortunately, thrive academically in schools that don’t have effective teachers and administrators. Here are some phenomena to consider as you attempt to prepare your child for academic success.

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Commonly Misused Words on the Internet

Technologically mediated communication has influenced the way we write and speak. From acronyms to contractions, netspeak has made its way into the dictionaries and is no longer limited to the social media. However, a casual attitude towards language usage is what leads to some serious gaffes online.

The most common language-related error people make on the internet is mixing up similar sounding words with different meanings (known as homophones).

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For everyone who’s wanted to teach English as a Second Language.

“You meet the most amazing people from all over the world”. Find out more compelling reasons why teaching ESL rocks! Jennifer Helfand is a writer and ESOL teacher. She was born in Philadelphia and grew up just outside the city, longing to leave it and see the world. She has now lived in several different […]

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