Study tips to become a successful student.

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all doing well! For many students, this time of the year marks the start of a new academic semester or quarter. Being a successful student definitely requires a lot of hard work. Part of this hard work consists of studying for tests. In order to get the best grades possible, it is really […]

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Teachers get angry too… But we don’t always show it.

cristian-newman-364529-unsplashFIRST PERSON The Anger Teachers Don’t Feel Comfortable Expressing —Getty By Justin Minkel May 16, 2018 Teachers experience the full spectrum of anger in the course of our work, ranging from mild annoyance to blinding fury. Yet most of the time, we swallow it down. We keep smiling, even when that smile becomes more of a […]

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Commonly Misused Words on the Internet

Technologically mediated communication has influenced the way we write and speak. From acronyms to contractions, netspeak has made its way into the dictionaries and is no longer limited to the social media. However, a casual attitude towards language usage is what leads to some serious gaffes online.

The most common language-related error people make on the internet is mixing up similar sounding words with different meanings (known as homophones).

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For everyone who’s wanted to teach English as a Second Language.

“You meet the most amazing people from all over the world”. Find out more compelling reasons why teaching ESL rocks! Jennifer Helfand is a writer and ESOL teacher. She was born in Philadelphia and grew up just outside the city, longing to leave it and see the world. She has now lived in several different […]

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Cultivating reading habits through edtech

Reading is a dying hobby. With the dwindling number of young voracious readers and no new takers for book reading as an interest, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the magic of reading has failed to charm the kids of today’s generation.

While one might blame social media and the smartphone industry for driving kids away from the pleasure of reading, it can be dealt with by using some online tools and the same technology that has alienated children from the joy of reading.

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