Intensive Reading for ESL Students

I absolutely must share this post about an ESL technique an Indonesian teacher writes about. This can be a great reading activity for ESL students everywhere!

Reading in English as a second or foreign language can become a daunting task for language learners. In fact, they need to deal with a bundle of complex linguistic resources such as lexicogrammar which is different from their mother tongue to enable them to make meaning of the texts they read. In addition to this, teachers need to consider suitable pedagogical approach particularly in an intensive reading program that works best to help develop the ability of the learners to construe meaning, identify text organization and function, and draw inference. To fill the void, I employ collaborative text – based teaching in my intensive reading class to engage the first-year undergraduate students in a university in Indonesia in meaningful reading activities. The course requires students to develop their reading comprehension in Islamic contemporary issues related topics. Pedagogically speaking, text-based teaching begins with observing and understanding texts, responding to the texts, analyzing the texts, and ends with composing the texts (Mickan, 2017).

Read the complete article here: Engaging Students in an Intensive Reading Class

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