Why We Teachers Need Edtech

Like many, I as a teacher initially was resistant to incorporate new tech tools into my teaching. I was worried I’d end up spending more time on the tool or that it would take away my students’ focus from my actual lessons. However, after grudgingly giving in, I am now in total awe of what edtech can do for us teachers.

This has been excellently detailed in this article: How EdTech Can Expand What Teachers Do.

Here’s a snippet:

Teaching isn’t an easy job, and recent changes in education and society aren’t making it any easier. A generation ago, if you made sure to cover your curriculum according to pacing guides and best practices, you were doing a satisfactory job. But as students’ needs and society’s expectations have risen, so have the demands placed on teachers’ shoulders.

Teachers today need to differentiate their instruction, use data-driven instructional practices, address students’ social and emotional challenges, close achievement gaps, and ensure that all students are prepared for the 21st-century economy. It’s hard to imagine teachers measuring up to these goals just by getting better and working harder.

Fortunately, in the face of these challenges, technology has something to offer. Many common uses of classroom technology serve primarily to enhance teachers’ existing lessons, but technology can start to really move the needle on the many demands on teachers when it expands the frontiers of what they’re able to accomplish in a day.