Using Movies in the ESL Classroom

Movie day is always an exciting event in a classroom, especially a language classroom. When I worked as a substitute teacher, I would plan for at least one movie day based on the book the class was reading. Over the years, I used various strategies to ensure that my students not only have fun watching the movie, but also engage with the film and relate to it with the context of the text we were reading in class.

Check out some more interesting movie-related classroom activities you can use in an ESL classroom.

There are countless ways in which movies can support your lesson.

For example, they can be used to:

  • Reinforce a grammar point
  • Listen for gist
  • Practice vocabulary
  • Discuss and debate
  • Role play

Movies are a brilliant way for students to hear up-to-date authentic speech and be exposed to various accents. And because there are countless movies based on an infinite amount of things, you can use them to introduce or spark discussions about a certain topic, be it a historical event, a time period or the culture of a foreign country.

And of course, by bringing popular movies into your lessons, you show students how they can learn from and practice English when watching movies in their own time.

Read the full article 10 Creative Ways to Use Popular Movies in Fun ESL Lessons by Fluentu.

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