Models of Online Courses

In my experience so far as an ESL teacher who works from home fairly often, I’ve realized that I could help my students more meaningfully if I create an online course that would supplement some of my face-to-face teaching. To this end, I’ve been exploring options for creating a basic online course, and in my reading, I’ve come across an interesting article that addresses the fundamental issues teachers need to focus on when they set out to create their online courses.

This post was inspired by a question sent to me by a friend, who is a very talented teacher and would like to start an online course. In her message, she mentions not being able to find a good video tutorial which could help her get started and asks my opinion about the best platform.

 As I read my friend’s message, I thought of a way to answer it. In my opinion, a video tutorial showing us how to create an online course in simple steps would be a disservice to anyone wishing to become an online teacher due to the complexity of the task.

Read the full article HOW CAN I CREATE AN ONLINE COURSE? Oh oh, that’s not a simple question by Ana Maria Menezes.

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