10 Useful Mobile Apps for Tech-Savvy Students

10 Useful Mobile Apps For Tech-Savvy Students

Technology in education has revolutionized learning and is empowering students in ways that were unknown to prior generations.

Students who belong to the digital generation are not only embracing the digital lifestyle, but they’re also making it their own.

Today, adapting to technology is not just about knowing how to use gadgets. It’s more about knowing how to leverage the benefits of technology and also about learning to explore the infinite possibilities technology has to offer.

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Teachers should try to be good writers

by Stacey Shubitz Last winter, I enrolled my daughter in aerial arts classes. I checked the instructor’s qualifications because the idea of her hanging upside down from a piece of silk fabric frightened me. The instructor had been performing and teaching aerial arts for a decade. That said, I still observed the instructor carefully during my daughter’s trial […]

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