10 Popular Apps for English Language Learners

10 Popular ESL Apps for English Language Learners and Teachers

The spike in the number of technology-enabled classrooms in the past few years clearly indicates what a crucial role technology already plays when it comes to education.

The dawn of mobile phones has changed the way people access information. Almost everything we need is available at our fingertips and available on demand. The fact that the current breed of students is comfortable using cool new gadgets only goes to show that the influence of technology is here to stay.

The market is full of apps that make any classroom an interesting place for both students and teachers. From easy-to-use user interfaces to customizable features to suit individual needs, these apps have been built to deliver great user experience.

While some of them were recommended to me by my colleagues, a few others were suggested by my students

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Help! My Kid is Not Good at Anything.

It’s true. Your kid can’t be good at everything. But there’s nothing to worry about. Why?

Your friend rushes to your table and apologizes for being late to your monthly lunch date. “I’m so sorry.” She says. “I just got back from Max’s private cello lesson. He’s headed to Nationals next week.”

Oh, wow. I didn’t even know he played cello.” You reply. “Isn’t soccer more his thing?”

Your friend nods and laughs in response to your question.

Yeah, that’s his thing too. And football. Well, and I guess robotics.” Then she pauses to reflect.

I guess it’s kind of funny to say aloud, but it’s almost like whatever he tries, he excels in. Sort of like, everything is kind of his thing.” Then she goes about ordering her drink.

You slide back in your chair with a smile on your face, but you can’t help but wonder how one kid can be so, so talented. Then…

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