5 tips to conquer writing anxiety

There is deafening silence all around with a blank paper staring back menacingly at you. You feel like all your ideas are sucked away, making you feel powerless and paralyzed.

Writing anxiety is mostly situational and it is, therefore, necessary to identify what causes anxiety. Understanding the causes is the first step towards addressing anxiety itself.

Anxiety often results from discomfort caused by various elements like tight deadlines, unfamiliar topics, unexplored genres, varied audience, fear of criticism, wobbly self-confidence, sleep deprivation, hunger, high expectations, and just about anything that makes you feel a little off.

And don’t you already know that this “feeling off” is only temporary? You know it, yes, but then again there’s self-doubt that feeds on your confidence and makes you think otherwise. Continue reading


Trust Me! Studying Can Be Fun As Well…

Attempting to channel Hermoine Granger’s study habits AND slowly getting my mind into exam mode because my first week of exams is coming up in 2 WEEKS and I feel far from ready😁. One of the most significant difficulty before exams is to split my study material and my Time.(🕛⏳is my most prized possession) I […]

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Parent Volunteers in Classroom. A Good Idea?

I have always welcomed and appreciated parent volunteers in the classroom. The value they add to the classroom program and children’s learning is enormous. I always loved that we could do much more with the assistance of parent volunteers than we could without. But effective use of the parent volunteer’s time requires a certain amount […]

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