How To Teach Children With Autism

Autism or ASD is a very common disorder and statistics show that 1 in 68 children in the US show signs of autism. It can get difficult even for parents to teach their kids and one must appreciate their hard work and patience in handling such situations.

Every student needs a good teacher to guide him/her in the right direction since autism makes pursuing academics a great challenge. A teacher must be patient and put in a lot of effort to make them understand basic tasks. Here’s a little help on how you can understand and teach autistic children.

Teachers should start off with drawing up a weekly schedule and structuring each day around a routine.


ASD can make kids highly sensitive to normal day-to-day phenomenon like sounds, smells, colors, sights and touch. They feel uneasy, get panicky and it takes time to comfort them. They sometimes don’t understand what others may think or feel.

Read my full article on EParent Magazine

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