Descriptive Writing – Tip#1: Avoid Repetition

Descriptive writing is all about describing something. This “something” could be anything ranging from a person to an object to events, memories, places, and just about anything that qualifies as describable.

One of the challenges while writing a descriptive essay or any piece of descriptive writing, is to not be boring. While a lot of us start with great zeal, half way through the essay, we fall short of adjectives which makes the whole describing task seem complicated.


Image courtesy: Flickr

We tend to get repetitive and end up using same words over and over again which makes our writing rather unappealing. It’s hard to say whether it is one’s limited vocabulary or lack of motivation that makes writing seem so difficult.

However, with a little practice, it is possible to write better.

I’ve noticed many of my students make this mistake (of being repetitive) and have tried to help them whenever I can. One such “how do I help my students?” quest led me to a super useful webpage that has this share-worthy piece of information. The following image lists alternative words that can be used while writing a descriptive essay:


Image courtesy: anabuenoeoi

So the next time around when you’re working on a descriptive essay and find yourself  wondering: Is there a better word to describe this?, I hope this list proves to be useful.

Happy writing!


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