Things Students Do During Exam Time

If you are a student and you find yourself nodding while reading this post, well, congratulations! You are not alone. It happens to all of us at some point in time or another. What happens you ask? Read on to find out.

If you’re a student, you tend to:

  1. Worry…A LOT!:  And there’s a good reason why you worry and that reason is – sudden manifestation of dementia! You forget to remember things you studied and remember to forget almost everything you studied.


Solution: Relax. Freaking out ain’t gonna fix anything. Worrying only adds to your stress. Just take some deep breaths or listen to your favorite song or go out for a small walk. If nothing works, take a cat nap. That should free your mind a little.

2. Shoot in the dark: You’ve never liked maths, but come exam time, you tend to become a mental-math expert and do amazing things like calculating the score you need to get the grade you must achieve.


Solution: Forget mental math. Give yourself a head start by studying a little each day if you want to be able to score well and get good grades. Finish at least one round of revision if want decent grades.

3. Freak out: So that long overdue essay is still due just before your finals and you don’t know what to do? Well, get down to writing. That’s the only thing that can save you! If you think you can tweak an old essay and resubmit it, think twice. I’m a teacher and I’m no fool. May be that strategy would have worked during the pre-internet days, but not anymore. Why? I’m sure you know why!


Solution: Sit and write as much as you can. Sincere efforts are almost always rewarded.

4. Burn the midnight oil: In other words, try to study everything overnight. As for what makes students think it is actually possible, is beyond me. I tried my best, I swear, to understand, but I just don’t get it! Also, losing out on sleep is the easiest way to weaken your memory and wear your body out.


Solution: A good night’s sleep before your exam can help ease you and reduce your stress and help you remember better. Get some sleep if you don’t want to feel pathetic on the day of your exam.

5. Cry: You kept telling yourself all is well and all of a sudden nothing really seems so! Besides, you can’t decide what you hate more. Studying or crying?


Solution: It’s human to cry and it is good, too. Crying your stress away can do you some good. Cry, get over with it, and get back to studying. Let the tough get going while you go on. Don’t give up, don’t give in. If nothing works, listen to Eye of the Tiger and do a little jig. Let go of your stress.

If all else fails, just think of the happy days and post-exam celebrations and partying! That should help motivate you, right?


Just breathe…Stay calm and study. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Things Students Do During Exam Time

  1. Falling asleep while studying is most times an effect of going past words one does not understand. A single misunderstood word snowballs into misunderstood concepts and then the student gets lost. They nod off. Engaging students by defining words as you go along in assignments will help keep their attention. It is a simple solution that has great rewards for both student and teacher. Misunderstood words can also make a student appear to have ADHD when in fact it is simply a lack of comprehension of basic words. Words are the soul of study, without their foundation learning becomes a chore in futility. Define those words!


    • Sophia says:

      Hello, Richard. Welcome!

      I totally concur. I used to have a tough time comprehending words as a student. So much went above my head leading to my losing interest. Can’t agree more with you.

      Thanks for stopping by. See you around.


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