The risks of increasing misuse of technology in school

“Diane Ravitch is a Research Professor of Education at New York University and a historian of education. She is the Founder and President of the Network for Public Education (NPE) and blogs at” This appeared in EdSurge, December 29, 2017 At any given moment in the day, I am attached to my cellphone, […]

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ESL: Public vs private school in China — Becky in China

How’s it to teach English in China you ask? Well, here you go!

Hundreds of thousands of foreigners currently teach ESL in China, and as the country paves its way through development the ESL market will continue to grow. So as a newbie teacher how do you decide what school to go for? There are two main types of schools to teach at here: private and public. Public […]

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10 Useful Mobile Apps for Tech-Savvy Students

10 Useful Mobile Apps For Tech-Savvy Students

Technology in education has revolutionized learning and is empowering students in ways that were unknown to prior generations.

Students who belong to the digital generation are not only embracing the digital lifestyle, but they’re also making it their own.

Today, adapting to technology is not just about knowing how to use gadgets. It’s more about knowing how to leverage the benefits of technology and also about learning to explore the infinite possibilities technology has to offer.

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Teachers should try to be good writers

by Stacey Shubitz Last winter, I enrolled my daughter in aerial arts classes. I checked the instructor’s qualifications because the idea of her hanging upside down from a piece of silk fabric frightened me. The instructor had been performing and teaching aerial arts for a decade. That said, I still observed the instructor carefully during my daughter’s trial […]

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How to Keep ADHD Children Focused in the Classroom

How to Keep ADHD Children Focused in the Classroom

Strategies for Teaching Students With ADHD

To understand attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you must first know the common signs. As a teacher, it can be difficult for us to know if a student is showing signs of ADHD or is merely misbehaving.

The signs of ADHD can mislead anyone into believing that a child is ill-mannered, and it’s easy to blame it on bad parenting. But as a teacher who really cares, it’s worth making an effort to understand the signs of ADHD so you can spot them in the classroom.

Children With ADHD versus Children Misbehaving

Children portray a behavioral pattern that closely resembles what you may call “misbehavior.” So how do you differentiate an ADHD child from others? 

The Common Signs

The word ‘symptom’ can make ADHD sound like a disease, so I’ll use ‘signs’ to describe the condition.

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Brilliant Epigraphs

How To Empower Your Writing With Brilliant Epigraphs

Don’t we all want to grab our readers’ attention right from the word go? But that doesn’t happen all the time, does it?

One of the hard parts of writing a novel, article, or even an essay, is getting the introduction right. A good start hooks the readers in, giving them a taste of what is in store for them, and your ability to sculpt the words in a way that entices them can make them want to read more.

But what if you can’t come up with the right catchphrase and the right string of words that help your writing to stand out?

Here’s where a brilliant epigraph can come in handy and empower your writing.

“What’s an Epigraph?” you ask.

An epigraph is a short quote, a proverb, a verse, lyrics of a song, or quotes by famous people and fictional characters.

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