5 Study Tips That Students Can Instantly Follow

Recently, I was asked by a reader of this blog whether I have any study tips to share, so I said that I would write a blog post detailing some. I don’t feel very qualified to be dishing out ‘study tips’ really, because studying is a very subjective process and what works for me may […]

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Help! My Kid is Not Good at Anything.

It’s true. Your kid can’t be good at everything. But there’s nothing to worry about. Why?

Sanctification and Spitup

Your friend rushes to your table and apologizes for being late to your monthly lunch date. “I’m so sorry.” She says. “I just got back from Max’s private cello lesson. He’s headed to Nationals next week.”

Oh, wow. I didn’t even know he played cello.” You reply. “Isn’t soccer more his thing?”

Your friend nods and laughs in response to your question.

Yeah, that’s his thing too. And football. Well, and I guess robotics.” Then she pauses to reflect.

I guess it’s kind of funny to say aloud, but it’s almost like whatever he tries, he excels in. Sort of like, everything is kind of his thing.” Then she goes about ordering her drink.

You slide back in your chair with a smile on your face, but you can’t help but wonder how one kid can be so, so talented. Then…

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5 tips to conquer writing anxiety

There is deafening silence all around with a blank paper staring back menacingly at you. You feel like all your ideas are sucked away, making you feel powerless and paralyzed.

Writing anxiety is mostly situational and it is, therefore, necessary to identify what causes anxiety. Understanding the causes is the first step towards addressing anxiety itself.

Anxiety often results from discomfort caused by various elements like tight deadlines, unfamiliar topics, unexplored genres, varied audience, fear of criticism, wobbly self-confidence, sleep deprivation, hunger, high expectations, and just about anything that makes you feel a little off.

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Parent Volunteers in Classroom. A Good Idea?

I have always welcomed and appreciated parent volunteers in the classroom. The value they add to the classroom program and children’s learning is enormous. I always loved that we could do much more with the assistance of parent volunteers than we could without. But effective use of the parent volunteer’s time requires a certain amount […]

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Teaching millennial Learners

New Ways To Teach The Millennial Learners

My young niece, all of 10 years old, has her own iPad and is quite a pro at using it. She has a DSLR too because she is interested in shooting birds. And she used to help her journo mum with her blog.

In fact, she uses them with the same ease with which I used to play with clay and blocks as a child. She is a Millennial child.

The Millennial Learner

The newest generation on the block, the Millennials, have brought with them change at a fast pace. This is evident in relationships, in the learning environment, and at the workplace.

Technology has taken over the traditional ways in education and the millennials have adapted to this shift.

So what do we do?

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Classroom Activity: How Positive Adjectives can Improve Students Behavior

POSITIVE ADJECTIVES – Can the use of positive adjectives in the classroom make a difference in children’s well-being and their behavior? Definitely YES.

Have you ever heard of a perfect classroom? I’ve not, but if you have, then that’s probably a myth.

As a teacher, you may have noticed that every student is different. Some are good in academics, some are good in sports. Some have excellent social skills, while the others take the time to open up. Some are cheerful and zesty yet some remain silent. Some are excited about the class and some just want to hear the bell go off.

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